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Alternate Image Testimonials
"Ok, you all win again. During the last year, I have found myself involved with more and more websites, both professionally and personally. The sites hosted and managed by Alternate Image are so easy for me to manage my end of it, your staff is always available to walk me through whatever assistance I need. I recently took on managing a website managed by another company. The difference is night and day. While working on the sites hosted and created by Alternate Image, I come away feeling like I know what I am doing--(don't laugh), but when I go to other sites hosted by company X, I feel like an absolute idiot. Support is not always there, training is available is very limited, Your sites allow me as the manager to easily add pages, directions, and/or content to almost anything without needing another College degree.. Seriously, thank you all for your help. Michelle you have a great team, including Val, Morgan, Jeff, John and all those in the background that I do not meet but I know make this all possible. Please share this appreciation with them all."
Mary Myers
Port Orange, FL 03-24-2010
"I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with Alternate Image and the noticably higher volume of traffic directed to our New Horizons Exchange websites. I have noticed in the last 90 days a significant increase in the number of online contacts and requests submitted to us. We have had our site for years and thought we did 'OK', now I see how it can be. Your staff is awesome and always ready to assist us whenever needed. Thank you again for all your help and continued support, I truly look forward to a long and profitable professional relationship."
Mary Erthal
Daytona Beach, FL 02-12-2010
"You guys ROCK!! We are so excited about all your new ventures, and wish you much success!! Our website you designed has been 'the talk of the town', and has brought us many new friends and clients. THANK YOU Jeff and Val for always being there for us. You are so amazing at what you do!!! We HIGHLY recommend Alternate Image, and can't wait to see what you do next. Lots of love!! Your friends at Bei Capelli"
Bei Capelli Salon
Daytona Beach, FL 02-10-2010
"The Wedding & Event Professionals loved you! Thank you so much for coming out to talk to us!"
Donna Crane
Daytona Beach, FL 11-12-2009
"I would like to Thank everyone at Alternate Image. A special Thank you to Michelle Herrin. I have been taking the classes that she offers on the webinar and I have found them profoundly useful. It is great to be able to be a participant on our own website. The ability to make the changes necessary without waiting for a support staff to do it has been very time effective. A Big Thank you to Valerie Herrin as well. When I am not able to remember how to do something, Valerie Herrin is always helpful to assist me with those changes, quickly, efficiently and most importantly doesn’t make me feel like I’m wasting her time. It is very apparent with working with Alternate Image that they care about you as the Customer and making sure that your web site is all that it can be. The ability to make sure that it is user friendly both for the consumer but also for the client. Thank You!"
Deborah Bailey
Deltona, FL 11-20-2009
"Alternate Image is getting bigger and bigger but I still feel the love. :) Thank you for your patience and professionalism throughout the years."
Carlos Levitz
Boston, MA 11-17-2009
"Since 2:30 today when you put the Crazy Manager's Special on my web site...there have been 2 reservations for this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are FANTASTIC! AMAZING! Thank you so much!!!"
Carol Collett
Daytona Beach, FL 08-19-2008
"We are thrilled with our new website! Alternate Image went above and beyond to ensure our every need and request was met. From our initial meeting with A.I., to our ‘live’ date and ongoing service, A.I. has made every step effortless! The staff at A.I. is wonderful; they are incredibly helpful, thorough, and worked diligently to produce an exceptional site. We couldn’t be happier with our new site-and we can’t thank A.I. enough for a job well done!"
Rachel Cooper, FL 11-10-2008
"WOW we are off to a great start with this website. I am very impressed! I am looking forward to working with you and your team. Thank you!"
Bruce D. Grube
Orlando, FL 05-28-2008
"Our training time was very beneficial and the program more than met my expectations. It was a true reflection of how professional both your staff and the program training have been. I look forward to a great relationship going forward!"
John J. Murillo
College Park - Atlanta Airport, GA 05-28-2008
"I just wanted you to know how happy we are with the website that Alternate Image built for us. I knew you guys would hit a home run, but what I received was a grand slam. The comments have been great from those who have seen it and the most common word used so far is 'wow!' Please let Michelle and Jeff know how happy we are and thanks to you guys, the future is bright for Captains Choice Suncare. Thanks again."
Scott McCracken
Palm Coast, FL 05-28-2008
"Alternate Image has been wonderful to work with. They are always very upbeat & professional in addition to being a very patient. I can't stress enough how much I appreciate those qualities. They always follow through on things in a very timely manner! Thank you so much."
Lisa Mischle
Daytona Beach, FL 05-28-2008
"When Michelle Herrin told me I would be amazed at the results I would experience once my web site was up and running she wasn't kidding! I no sooner got off the phone with their office after speaking with their tech support who have been invaluable in assisting us develop our site and who advised us that we were now 'live,' when we received our first faxed rental request. We are very pleased with the job they did in designing the web site and with their on going customer support service. Everyone there has been great to deal with. I look forward to increased occupancy as we become more skillful with editing our site to take advantage of its full array of capabilities. Nice job guys, glad we found your company. Dave and Karen Hansen, BlueMule Vacations"
David and Karen Hansen
New Smyrna Beach, FL 05-28-2008
"'Thank you for your friendly and helpful service!' Clare~"
Clare Keijer
, 02-08-2011
"Michelle, We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire staff for all of their efforts in putting our website together and the extra effort that it took to do it with the Motorola deadline. It really looks great!"
Pamela Grotendorst
Lake Helen, FL 03-03-2011
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