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Hotel Reservation Software Comparison
Hotel reservation software has changed alot throughout the years. In the late 1990's if you were at a hotel and wanted to take reservations online there

hotel reservation software
were few options you had in software. Companies like Worldres dominated not only the market but your pocket book. There were no flat fee booking engines. Percentages of 5% to 10% were common.

As the internet became more main stream and users were booking online, hotels revolted. Flat fees solutions emerge. Since 1998 Alternate Image has always offered flat fee reservation software. We were hoteliers during those early days and remember the checks written to booking engine software companies in excess of $1800 a month.

In today's market you should look closely not only at pricing obviously but at the features your online hotel reservation software provides compared to the competition.

Here are a few of the features that be Open Hotel online reservations software provides and how it compares to others on the market.

*Does your software reside on a URL connected to your website such as or does it click off to a third-party? If it clicks off to a third-party remember a couple of things. First, Google does not give you any credit for the content on your booking engine if it clicks off to a third-party. Second, consumers feel more confident remaining on your site. And lastly, if you discontinue service with your hotel reservation software company you immediately lose all links that you have created. If you're online booking engine resides on a subdomain of your site your webmaster can always redirect links if necessary.

*Does your hotel booking software allow you to create dynamic packaging? Consumers want to not only stay and hotel but they want to know what is available to do while they are at the hotel. All packages may not be booked often dynamic packaging is a great way to showcase things to do.

*Do your online reservations have the option and the flexibility to work the way your property does? Can you do length of stay discounts, advance booking discounts, promotional codes, free night discounts, and have them all work together?

*And finally is your hotel reservation software available and affordable flat rate with no percentages with amazing customer support?

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