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Pricing Tips for your Hotel Online Reservation System
online hotel booking system

online hotel booking system
Alternate Image's Open Hotel online reservation system provides users with many different features to help drive traffic, increase bookings, and provide a user friendly experience for both the hotel online reservation system user and the actual consumer. If you are a hotel client and are currently using Alternate Image's online reservation system, here are some tips for using the online hotel booking system to your advantage.  Rack Rate Pricing

  Consumers have choices. The Internet gives consumers more information now than ever before, and more information means more power. Consumers can compareHow do your rates compare to similar hotels in your area? Are your rates based upon historical data? Do they change with each new season or event? One of the features in the Open Hotel online reservation system is the ability to add new rates and discounts at anytime. Hotels can change or update room rates as often needed, allowing for flexibility in the overall pricing strategy.  It is always recommended that a hotel compare their rates to similar hotels in their area. Remember that your rates should not be too low, or else your hotel may be considered too "cheap".  Rates that are too low can also be risky once customers use discounts and other promotional offers.  You want to make sure that the hotel rack rates have enough of a margin to allow for discounts and other coupons.

  Special Rate Periods  Rates are all about supply and demand. Offer different rates for different seasons, according to hotel demand and historical data. Were the summer month's generally more busy? When did the majority of travelers arrive?

  Create different rate periods for each season and consider different rates for weekends and Holidays if you haven't already. The Alternate Image online hotel booking system allows users to create as many rate periods as desired. Within the rate periods users can add general length of stay discounts, advanced booking discounts, and more. These custom options provided in the online hotel booking system help hotels that have several different rates for different seasons and time periods organize their rates in one easy to view dashboard in the administrative area of their online hotel booking system.  To make the special rate period appear on the hotel specials page, select "specials eligible" when creating your rate period.  This feature can be unselected at anytime.

  Discounts and Promotions  Another great feature of the AI online hotel booking system is the discounts feature.  Users can create unlimited discounts and choose which rate periods are eligible for each discount created. 

  Discounts are great because they encourage customers to book online and get a great deal.  Discounts also allow hotels to offer lower and more competitive rates without lowering their actual rack rates.  Rack rates that are too low may cause a customer to question the quality of the hotel.  There is always the fear of being considered a "cheap hotel".   How can your hotel use the discounts feature in the online reservation system?

* Offer a AAA discount for AAA members
* Offer a "Returning Customer Discount" with a special promo code.  Email the promo code to guests after their stay and encourage them to sign your guestbook and return again soon.
* Offer a student discount if your hotel is located near a college or university
* Create a special discount to use for your marketing materials.  This discount can be something like "Sweet Summer Deals" or "Winter in Florida Special".  Promote this through all of your marketing channels.  Promotions work best when they are advertised in print, online, and through email blasts. Using a variety of advertising methods increases the reach of your promotion across a broader demographic group.   Using the discounts feature can increase bookings and add a call to action to print advertisements for your hotel.  Advertisements are much more effective if they offer a promo code or coupon for customers.  Adding a promo code is another way to track the success of your advertisement campaign. 

 Pricing is one of the "Four P's" of marketing.  Remember that it takes a large amount of effort to get visitors to your website - and an even larger amount of effort to convert those visitors to bookings.  The Open Hotel online reservation system offers hotels the ability to easily change rates and add discounts because Alternate Image understands the importance of hotel rates to the consumer.  We hope you find this article useful! Keep in mind that if you ever need additional support for using your online reservation system please call the office anytime between 9am and 5pm on weekdays.

  -Alternate Image Staff

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