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Using the Knowledge Base for Instant Customer Support

Have a support question?

Many commonly asked questions can be found in our AI support desk knowledge base at Simply log in with the same email address you use to send tickets, if you do not know your password you can choose the 'Lost Password' option located above the login field to have your password emailed to you.

Once you have logged in you will see the knowledge base located on your left.Click on this to see the different help articles and support questions.

We are always updating the knowledge base so that our clients can find answers to commonly asked questions. If you have a question that was not answered by any of the articles in the knowledge base you can send in a support ticket by emailing or by logging and selecting 'Submit a ticket'.

What to Include in your Support Ticket:


Phone Number

Email Address

Your website

Your support issue

The exact url for the page you are having an issue with

What browser you are using (ex: Safari, Internet Explorer8, Firefox, etc.)

Please be as thorough as possible so that we can better troubleshoot and solve your issue. If you are just submitting a ticket for simple graphics updates be sure to include the file attachment and the url for the page you would like this to be applied to.

If you are submitting an excel file to import users to your database for an email, be sure that your excel file is in the proper format (see 'How Do I Import Users to My Database') and that you mention any special user groups you would like created for this list. If no user group is mentioned the list will be uploaded to the general 'user' group. Keep in mind that lists may take a few hours to upload depending on their size. Please plan ahead when scheduling email blasts to accommodate for this time.

For general requests please allow 48 business hours for tickets to be completed.

Thank you for using the AI Support Desk and Knowledge Base

-AI Staff

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