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Internet Browser Tips, Reviews and Comparisons
What is an Internet Browser?

A software application used for retrieving, presenting and transferring information resources on the Internet.According to Wikipedia, an information resource is 'identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and may be a web page, image, video, or other piece of content.Hyperlinks enable users to easily navigate their browsers to related resources.'Basically, an Internet Browser is what you use to view websites.

How Do I Know Which Internet Browser I am Using?
There are a few ways to tell.

MAC users: Click on the Apple menu (top left of your screen) and click 'About Safari' or whichever browser you are using.Apple will then display your browser info.

PC users:Go to the menu items across the top of your browser and select the support menu item.Select About…. To see the browser name and version.Some browsers may display the menu items differently.Most of the time you can view the browser details under the Support>>About menu item .In Internet Explorer 8 you can click on the Help menu and it will say 'What's New in Internet Explorer 8' so that you know you are using the latest version of IE.

You can set your default browser by going to Tools>Internet Options>Programs. There you can choose your default browser for opening hyperlinks and websites.

What Types of Browsers are There?

There are a few main browsers used by the majority of Internet users.
Internet Explorer
Safari - (Apple's Internet browser, also used on the iPhone)
Google Chrome

Which Browser is the Best?

Alternate Image software supports IE 8. Our newest content management version showcased in the admin area supports IE8 which will soon be a mandatory upgrade. If you log into your admin area and see the green bar at the top, that means you need to upgrade and are not using IE 8. If you have IE 8 but have the compatibility view turned on, then that will also cause the green bar to appear.Turn your compatibility view off (click the broken page next to your address bar, or click on Tools>Compatibility View to change this setting.

Firefox is a great browser and has proven to be the most effective when working with AI's Content Management system. We are looking forward to turning on our newest version of content management for the user side as early as first quarter. This will allow for cross browser usage to include Safari. We recommend remaining current on all browsers to fully utilize the software and its improvements.

What is the Difference Between Browser Performance?

We found these great reviews and browser comparisons online - IE8 and Firefox are a sure bet.

Performance Comparision of the Top Ten Internet Browsers

Reviews on the Top Ten Internet Browsers

We hope you find this information helpful!

-AI Staff
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