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Mobile Phone and Social Media Apps
To stay on top of your internet marketing sometimes you just have to go mobile. But with so many mobile phone and social media apps out there you may need some help.

Here are some helpful reviews:

I've personally had problems with the previous version of the Facebook App, and to be honest I never really liked it. Luckily, they've fixed those problems and came out with an upgrade.Here is a review for the new iPhone Facebook App that was released this year.

Qik App for iPhone. Michelle's favorite for creating live video streams. Your iPhone doesn't even have to have the video capabilities, the Qik app allows you to take video and stream it live to the internet. These videos can be posted to your website or blog. Now you can create short little clips to show off whatever you would like in a few quick minutes. Perfect for internet marketing on the fly.

Scare Bear App
And let's not forget our office favorite; The Scare Bear Trail Companion App for the iPhone. This app allows you to make a foghorn sound, clapping sound, or lound jingling noise on your iPhone. This is supposed to be used to scare away bears but we've been using it to announce important events or big sales. Your office staff will hate you for this one. (To download the app, log into yout iTunes account and search for "Scare Bear Trail Companion").

What else is there for the iPhone?Here is a comprehensive list of the iPhone apps from 2010.

Sometimes we play favorites because most of our staff members at Alternate Image has an iPhone, but we haven't forgotten about you Blackberry users.Here are some of the best social media apps for Blackberry.

Are you a Tweeter? Here is a great review onthe best Twitter apps for MAC users.


-AI Staff
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