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Search Engine Optimization Services from Alternate Image
Having a good website is one thing. Having a good website that users can easily find is another.
Have you considered Search Engine Optimization for your website? If your business can benefit from website traffic then this is something you should consider. SEO for your website will bring in potential customers who are seeking your services - this is a highly targeted form of advertising.

Compare SEO to traditional forms of advertising.
You can place a print advertisement for a couple hundred dollars per run and get exposure to people who may or may not need your services or goods. Print ads work when you place them frequently and expose your customer to your brand over and over again (assuming that they would need your services in the first place). Tracking the return on investment is difficult and usually it takes thousands of dollars until you see any type of results. Unless your services are for the general public, you may want to allocate your marketing budget somewhere more profitable.

SEO services allow people who are on the Internet searching for the goods or services that your company provides to be able to easily find your website and company information. It only makes sense to market to people who are looking for what you have.
This is a shotgun approach compared to traditional marketing.

What exactly is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization is essentially making your website easier for search engines to find when a user searches for specific keywords related to your goods or services. There are many different things that search engines take into account when determining which websites to display; some of these factors are controllable and some are not (ie: how long your website has been established, etc.). Alternate Image works on the controllable factors to make your website rank higher for keyword searches.

What is the difference between paid and organic listings?
Paid listings appear under the "sponsored links" for Google in a box - these are the top three listings and then overflow over to the right hand side of the page. This is a fast and easy way to get your website to appear at the top of the rankings, however it can get expensive. Advertisers pay per click and depending on the keyword popularity you can spend upwards of $1.00 per click. Below is an example of where sponsored listings appear.


Organic listings are what you see below the sponsored listings. These are more commonly clicked on and cannot be "purchased" from Google. Google is constantly changing their formula for determining website rankings and we have to stay in the loop to keep our SEO clients ranking on top.
We offer SEO services for organic listings and additional packages for paid listings (called Google AdWords) campaign management.

What is included in SEO services from Alternate Image?

Search engine optimization is very labor intensive. We do all of our work in-house and will never farm it out overseas. SEO work is completed by Michelle Herrin, VP, and Morgan Seedarnee, our Internet Marketing Specialist. Alternate Image was one of the first companies in our area to offer these types of services. We have years of experience in an industry that is very new, and we are continuously learning and applying more techniques to our SEO services for our clients.

First, Michelle will have a consultation with you to determine your overall goals and what you are trying to market. She will research your competition to see how difficult it will be for your website to climb the rankings and make it to the first page on Google. Prices for SEO packages are determined based upon this research and a proposal will be given to you.

The next step is for Alternate Image to research your keywords. We use software programs to determine which keywords are more popular for general searches and come up with a list of keywords that will be the most successful for your SEO campaign. This list is sent to you and depending on your contract you can narrow this down to about 15-20 keywords that you feel would be the best suited for your website. Once this form is received SEO will begin.

SEO services include the following:

- Listing your business on Google local listings to appear on the local map

- Changing your meta-tags, meta-descriptions, and meta-keywords for each page within your website to optimize for the keyword list

- Writing 15-20 articles (individual webpages) within your website that are optimized for search engines and your specific keywords

- Submitting blog posts, press releases, and other articles to online websites that are optimized with your keywords and link back to your website

- Generating keyword reports every 2 weeks to show you where you rank on the top three search engines for each keyword. This report will be emailed to you once your SEO has been completed.

- Additional "tweaking" and monitoring of your rankings to add fresh content and keep your rankings from falling

- Crawling your website every 2 weeks and submitting a new site map to Google so that they can find new pages and new content added (generally Google crawls websites 3-4 times a year unless you directly submit your site-map)

How does your website perform?
Call Michelle today for a free website analysis report to see how your website ranks on the top search engines for your top keywords and a free consultation.

- Morgan Seedarnee,
Internet Marketing Specialist
Alternate Image

Ask about our social media management packages!

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