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Send a Quick Test Email in the Mailer Application
Alternate Image has recently upgraded the mailer application to include a "send test" button in the preview window of the mailer application. This allows you to compose your email and then click the "Preview" button. When your preview window appears there is an option at the top to send to a specified email address.

Once you click "send", the preview email will be sent immediately as it bypasses the normal mail queue and will come from the email address with the subject line of "Preview". You can send as many tests as you want and we recommend this before sending any email blast.

Why are test emails so important?

Since an email browser will display emails much differently than your website browser, it is important that you DO NOT rely on the pop-up preview window to show an accurate display of your email. In all actuality, your email will display much differently in Outlook, Zimbra, Gmail, Apple Mail and other email browsers. Some email inboxes will strip out formatting, not display images, and revert your text to a standard font type and size. There is nothing you can do about this except send test emails to different email accounts to preview your email before it is sent out.

I recommend keeping your email simple with a simple layout, this leaves less room for display errors in the inbox.
If you have a lot of information, put it in a landing page and link that to a "Read more" within your email. One common mistake we see is that people copy and paste form Microsoft Word documents. DO NOT paste text from a Word document or other website. Word documents will paste over messy HTML code, most of which is not viewable in many email inboxes. It will look fine on your Internet browser but once it is emailed the result can be messy.

Type your story in wordpad, text edit, notepad, or other common word editing programs that strip formatting. When you paste your text into the mailer to compose your email you will have clean, un- formatted text to work with. Add your images and from there do your text formatting. Send your test, make necessary adjustments and you will be ready to go. As always, Alternate Image is available from 9am to 5:30pm during the weekdays to assist your with any issues. We also offer custom email design services for clients, just ask!

-Morgan Seedarnee
Internet Marketing Specialist
Alternate Image
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