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Add Social Media Icons to Your Website
Promote Your Social Media Icons
Does your company have a Facebook page or Twitter profile? Do you want people to be able to find you on Linked In? Add your social media icons to your website and give users a fast and easy way to friend, become a fan, or follow you on the Internet.

Simply send in a support ticket to Image's graphics department will update your website free of charge.

In your support ticket be sure to include:
1. Your website domain. ex:
2. Your social media profile url. ex:
3. Where you want this icon to go. Please be specific. ex: Top left hand side of home page, above the main body.
4. Double check your links. Make sure you are giving the url for your profile that you would view if you are not logged in. Facebook has two different Fan Page urls. The easiest way to find your Fan Page is to search for your fan page by it's title. Once you click on the fan page icon copy and paste that url into the support ticket.*

*Always double check to make sure your url is correct by copying into the address bar and seeing what page it goes to. Often times when you click it will take you to Facebook's login page and not the actual Fan Page. Make sure your Fan Page is viewable to the public.

Please allow 48 business hours for our graphics department to make these updates.

Not sure where to put your icons?
Here are some examples of Alternate Image websites with social media icons:
Weddings & Special Events Venue

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