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Change in Staff Procedures
Have you had a recent change in staff?

Often times no one bothers to tell the new manager about the company website, how to access it, or who to contact for updates and support. Information on the website goes stale and people are sending emails to an employee who is no longer at your company. More importantly, marketing opportunities are missed because the new staff member does not know about your website features and email blast capabilities. Many of our hotel clients have issues with their booking engines no longer displaying their rates because no one has entered them in for the next year.

If your business has had a recent change in staff members, particularly in your management staff, front desk staff, or your marketing department, please follow these simple steps below.

1. Most importantly login to your administration page of your website, go to the security tab and click on usergroup. There will be a usergroup called Admin. This usergroup indicates what employees have administration access to make updates or changes to your website. Be sure the employee is removed from the usergroup preferable before you release the employee.

2. Send in a support ticket to have the employees old email address forwarded to another manager. Email and include the former employee's email address and the address you would like it to forward to.

3. Check your website to make sure that the old email address is removed from any contact information.

4. Schedule a date to have your new staff member complete a training session on using the website.

Additional information about using your Alternate Image website can be found in the

Has your company changed ownership?

Contact Valerie Herrin for information on transferring domain names and additional paperwork.
386-760-1774, ext: 1000
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