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Phase 1: New Mailer Features for Email Marketing
Phase 1 of our new mailer application has been completed and is now live in the admin area. Your mailer has the same look but some new features that will help you with your email marketing. Phase 2 will include great features like the ability to save drafts, create a template from your email, create DRIP marketing campaigns and more.

New Mailer Features:

Easy Template Loader - for customers who have had Alternate Image create a custom template for their mailer, you can now load that template into the email editor and edit your email text and pictures directly. Be sure to load your template first, or else any content you create will be deleted upon loading the template. Simply click on the "Load Template" box and select your template from the drop down menu.

HTML Cleaner - Are you cutting and pasting text from another source? Our new HTML cleaner will straighten out bad HTML and remove formatting. This is especially helpful in removing that pesky formatting code that is hard to manage or edit in the design view of your mailer. The HTML cleaner will clean it up for you, allowing you to copy and paste text from a Word document or other website.

Link Checker- if you have cut and pasted content from your landing pages, your mailer will not create full length links that will work in your email. Currently, our landing pages create links that are just "/landingpage" instead of "". This is fine until you send the partial link out in an email - once that link leaves the website and is in an email blast it will not work without the complete web address. Our new link checker will find incomplete links and fix them for you! No more broken links!*
* Always check each link in your preview email to make sure that you have the correct web address, the link checker cannot fix typos!

Preview Button - this feature was actually added last month but it is included in our Phase 1 features. Click the preview button and a window will appear. At the top you have the ability to send a quick and easy email test to yourself (or your staff, whoever and however many people you want). This way you can view a real live preview that has gone through the mail server, HTML cleaners, and Link checker.

Cancel Email Button!!!
- Wait! Stop that email! Now you can cancel an email blast from sending, even if it has already entered the mail queue. Simply click on the Pending email details and click "Cancel Email". You will lose your HTML source code so please be sure to save this to a text file somewhere as a back up on your computer.

Enjoy your new email mailer features and contact Alternate Image about creating custom email templates for your next email blast.

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