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WorldRETS and SnipApps Explained

In addition to hotels and custom websites, we also do websites for Realtors. Our real estate website applications include the listing of properties from the Multiple Listing Service, a customer Wish List and more. Previously, we had to develop and host the Realtor's website for them to make use of our Realtor applications. With the advent of WorldRETS and SnipApps technology, that is no longer necessary. If you have a website already but would like to add a RETS feed, we can help.

Often, Realtor websites are pretty simple or have limited functionality due to the sheer cost. WorldRETS specializes in providing enterprise-level functionality to Realtors that don't want to pay development costs for a new website and deal with the pain of switching webmasters.


To do this, WorldRETS utilizes SnipApps technology. What is SnipApps? A SnipApp is simply a single snippet of html code. Put this code anywhere on your site and it can generate customized property listings, forms or whatever else we offer. No need to switch webmasters, no need to install anything complicated, no need to change the look, feel or functionality of your existing website. A SnipApp is completely standalone.

What Can SnipApps Do?

We have created SnipApps that perform a wide variety of Realtor functions. There are SnipApps that list properties in an interactive Data Grid or a Carousel, SnipApps that create search boxes and wishlist boxes and so on.

The Listings Snippet  is the central WorldRETS SnipApp. It is a customizable list of properties pulling from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). A Listings Snippet can be a standard Data-Grid or a Carousel. A Data-Grid is a straight list of properties that can be sorted or searched. For our current realtor clients, you would recognize the Data Grid as what you currently have on your property.cfm page. A Carousel is simply a slide show of properties.

Data-Grids are a central part to any realtor website. They stand alone, but can also interact with search boxes and wishlist boxes on the same page. All you have to do is put a Data-Grid Listings Snippet and a search box on the same page and they will work together as though they were made specifically for your site. No extra fuss necessary!

The best part about SnipApps is that they can be customized in look and feel. If you want a Data Grid that only shows commercial properties, you can create a SnipApp that does just that through our Listings Builder. From there, you can customize the look and feel by selecting one of our predefined skins, to make the SnipApp more closely match your site.

- John Peron
Sr. Programmer,
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