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Google Local How To
When you do a search on Google for your hotels in your geographic location (ie, hotels Indianapolis Indiana or hotels Miami Beach) you will probably be shown a map of the area plus a listing of 10 hotels. Each hotel will have a letter beside it that corresponds to the location of the property on the map.

Do you see your property? Is the information correct? If not it is time to do some Google housekeeping.

First you will need to be registered with Google. If you are not, simply go to Google. Up in the right hand side of the screen you will see either a sign in link if you have previously registered. If you have not registered, go ahead and do so. In today's Google dominated world you almost must be registered if you do business online.

After you register, go back to the map. Find your listing and click on more information. A bubble of information about your listing will appear. Don't worry if you see information that is not correct. You can correct it yourself in the next few steps.

In the bubble you will see one of several options. You can claim you business, add your business or edit your business. Click on the link. You will be presented with a fill in the blank series of questions. You will also be able to upload photos and videos!

When you finally complete all the information, there is a verification process. They will either call your main phone number immediately or send you a post card that takes 2 to 3 weeks. If you do not have an automated answering system on your primary phone number then I suggest that you use the phone method. If for some reason you cannot answer the phone request the postcard.

That will get you listed. What's next? Get your guest to leave reviews just like they do on Trip Advisor. Google will pull reviews from Trip Advisor and add them to your listings here.

If you do any paid advertising with Google Adwords, you can also pay for local listings.

Hope this helps.

Michelle Herrin
Alternate Image, Inc.

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