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Message from the President: New Content Manager and More

I feel like today  should be a holiday.

We are proud to announce version 2.0 of our Escape Content Management System. This release comes after a long development and testing process in which we re-wrote everything from the ground up.

Some of the more notable features include, cross browser support (yeah!), drastically improved media management, and cleaner, more compliant HTML. With this milestone behind us, we're now getting ready to announce some more updates to Open Hotel, even more Blog enhancements, and a couple really cool secret projects that you will have to wait find out about!  

For anyone who is not familiar with programming or content management systems, this is a MAJOR application to develop in house. Most webmasters pay to use a third party license and then pass that fee on to their clients. This causes issues usually because there is no way to make any changes or fixes to the CMS if it was not developed by the webmaster, and 3rd party CMS fees are usually based per webpage and per user. This can get very pricey for larger sites. We allow our clients to have an unlimited number or landing pages and website administrators, which is a great cost savings. It also allows our clients to instantly update the majority of their website content without having to pay additional hourly maintenance fees.

Jeff Herrin
Alternate Image Inc.

What exactly is all the excitement about the new Content management system?
Watch our short demo video below to see the new features.

New features include:
  • Media Manager allows for multiple file upload
  • No file size limit for images
  • Resize images in the media manager without having to use photo resizing software
  • Create image libraries to sort your images
  • Add bullets to your content
  • Add a horizontal rule to your content
  • More colors available for fonts in the new color palette
  • Format your link style
  • Works in all browsers! We Recommend using Firefox.
Leave a comment and tell us what you think!!
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