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News Application for Websites
Alternate Image offers a variety of website applications in addition to our standard application suite that can be purchased a la carte and added to your website for a one time setup fee. This month we are featuring the News Application, which can be added to your website for only $99.

News Application Features
  • Publish a news story using the admin area content management system (works with all browsers)
  • Headlines and teasers can appear on a designated area (home page) on the site, users click to read full story
  • News stories can be set to expire or can display forever
  • Site visitors can sign-up to leave comments on news stories
  • Meta-tags can be added to news stories for SEO purposes
  • Can add byline if republishing work from a specific author
  • Add categories which can be used to sort stories onto specific website pages
  • News headlines can be displayed in a variety of ways to match your website design
  • Allows for RSS feed

  • Employees can easily add new stories, which will keep the site fresh with new content
  • Site visitors like to see new content, keeps visitors on your site longer
  • Do not have to worry about outdated stories, they are automatically removed upon expiration date
  • News stories are search engine friendly and add content to your site (Google Juice!)
  • Grow your email newsletter list as each visitor that leaves comments is added to the database
  • Use categories to display specific stories on different areas of website (this application scales to work with large websites needing multiple types of news headlines displaying throughout the site)

Examples of How the News Application is Used
  • Hotels can inform guests of upcoming area events and company news
  • Realtors can write about upcoming open house events and local real estate news
  • Websites can offer visitors the latest breaking news about their industry or business, press releases, etc

Your News Application can be displayed in a variety of different styles to match your website design.
(Note: depending on your website layout, additional graphics work may be needed to display your news headlines or add a news menu navigation bar).'s home page news headlines. The full news page displays at

Coral Beach Resort's home page news headlines. Full news page can be seen at

Alternate Image's news headlines display like this:


News headlines for on their homepage


Interested in adding the news application to your website? Email or call her directly at 386-760-1774 ext. 3000.

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