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NEW! Manage your Google Places Page Reviews
Google Places can be a powerful resource for customers searching for your business online.  One of the drawbacks with Google Places is that it allows users to submit reviews that everyone can see. Business owners cannot delete and (up until now) could not reply to these reviews, which seemed a bit unfair.

Your entire company's reputation is in the hands of Google users. I myself have read so many horrible reviews about businesses on their Google Places page, as this is one of the first things to show up when you are searching for the page. It's helpful to see what other people have written about a business or restaurant but sometimes you wonder if there is a second side to that story.  Well, now there can be.

Google has just introduced business owners with the ability to post replies to reviews on their Google Places pages.

See a screen shot below of how a business owner's reply should be used:

This is a great way to turn negative comments into something more positive for your business. It also allows you to explain your business policies or other rules that may not have been mentioned in a bad review. Basically, it allows business owners to defend themselves when given a poor review. I don't recommend posting responses that bad mouth the reviewer, but to address any issues honestly and tell how you are working to fix them. Let your business be the hero.

Read Google's tips for posting responses to reviews

How do you post replies to your Google Places page reviews?

1. Login to Google Places.
2. Your dashboard will display all of your Google Places businesses. Click on the business name you would like to post a response to.
3. On the right hand side you will see this:


4. Click on Reviews. This will open your reviews page.
5. Click"Respond Publicly as the Owner" and type in your response. Click Publish to have your response submitted.
6. Your review response will now be shown on your Google Places page.

I recommend checking your Google Places page frequently (at least weekly) to be able to respond quickly to all reviews and better manage your business's reputation with customers.

- Morgan Seedarnee
Internet Marketing Specialist

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