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Green Marketing with E-Cards for the Holidays
Save money on printing, postage and paper by sending an e-card this holiday season. Digital holiday cards are a great way to say Happy Holidays to your clients, vendors and business associates in a "green" way.  Alternate Image offers a mailer application in the standard application suite for your website. (This is for full website clients, Open Hotel click off sites do not have this feature).

How to Send a Holiday E-Card Using Your Mailer Application

1. Find a good holiday themed image or clip art to use. Some great inexpensive photos are available at iStockPhoto if you search for "holiday" or "Christmas". Another great source is through Microsoft Clip Art, if you have Word, insert a clip art image you like and then right  mouse click the image to "save as". You can then upload this image to your media gallery and add it into your mailer.

2. Add a picture of your company staff members. With all the technology these days we may go all year working with clients or vendors and never seeing their faces. Including a staff photo will help people put a face to the names of the people they interact with.

3. Add your message. Make it short and sweet, be sure to format and style your text message. You can change the font type, size, and color in the mailer by highlighting the text and clicking on the "A" button. 
Learn how to format text in the content management system.

4. Link back to your website. Be sure to allow your recipients a way to view your website by making your company name a link back to your company website. To make a link, highlight the text and click on the chain button, (second one from the right), to open the link manager. Enter in your website in the target url and make sure it is set to open in a new window.
Learn how to add links through the link manager.

5. Send your e-card to all your customers and friends. Your website captures email newsletter sign ups and customer emails (for e-commerce sites and hotel sites). These emails are filed under the usergroup "user", which can be seen int he admin area under Security>Users.
If you want to upload additional users you can do so by sending a support ticket. When you are finished with your e-card, be sure to send a test preview to yourself by clicking on Preview and entering in your email address at the top. If everything looks good, type in your subject line and send the mailer to your desired usergroup, or to "all users". Click submit at the bottom and your mailer will begin sending within the hour. You can also schedule to send it out a later date.

For a custom made holiday card design contact Alternate Image and our award winning designers can create a beautiful e-card for you.
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