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Search Engine Optimization Class a Success
The Search Engine Optimization 101 class was a great success. Thank you to everyone who participated. Michelle and Jeff Herrin taught class attendees as much as they could fit into 4 hours about search engines and optimizing their websites to rank higher on search engine results to drive more traffic to their websites.

Clients in attendance were from a variety of industries including travel, hospitality, real estate, retail and other business services. The class started by teaching the mechanics of how search engines work and other ways to get your business on page one of Google. Tips included using YouTube videos tagged properly to show up for specific keywords. Michelle showed attendees how to film using your iPhone and recommended a Flip camera for easy, on-the-go video creation.

Jeff Herrin Running the Presentation as Michelle Speaks

Other topics included how to research and discover your keyword phrases for search engines, including your niche phrases. The class went on to show attendees how writing unique, non-duplicated content on different website pages for each keyword phrase would help add content for search engines to find. This class focused on using the web applications developed by Alternate Image, like the Meta Tag and Landing Pages Content applications, to optimize for search engines.

Toys collected by the class for donation

Class attendees did not have to pay a fee to attend but were asked to bring a toy or cash donation for a local charity, the Dream-A-Wish foundation. This foundation provides toys and other assistance to local special needs children or families in need. Donations were graciously received by the foundation's founder, Pastor Woody, who dresses as Santa to deliver presents to children. Below is a picture of Pastor Woody and his helpers.



If you are interested in learning more about this foundation, visit their website at

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