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Channel Rush Interface for Open Hotel Booking Engine
Open Hotel Booking Engine, developed by Alternate Image, is an online hotel reservation system that allows visitors to book their stay directly through the hotel's website. Many hotels also send their rates to other channels for distribution, which can cause issues with maintaining parity (most channels require that you do not publish a lower rate on another channel.)  The Open Hotel booking engine has an interface to the GDS network, however many hoteliers push their rates out to additional 3rd party websites.

Channel management software, like ChannelRUSH,
EZ Yield, and Rate Tiger, are web based systems that allow revenue managers to maintain the hotel's rates and availability distribution across third party sites all at one time. This saves the revenue managers a lot of time and stress from having to maintain parity and manage availability.

Alternate Image recently finished an API, which will allow these types of channel management software to interface with our system. Soon hoteliers will be able to use these channel management applications seamlessly with the Open Hotel booking engine by Alternate Image.  Look for more details to be announced soon!

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