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New Facebook Changes for Business Pages
Facebook has made some changes to the way that Pages and Pages admins (aka Owners) an interact. These changes allow people to post to other Pages for businesses as a Page for their business Page, rather than as their personal profile. This opens up the amount of posting people will want to do on their businesses behalf. Will this turn into another SPAM-fest like what happened with Myspace or will Facebook's new changes allow more interaction between brands through their Pages?

How Facebook Pages Worked Before the Change
Previously, if you were an Admin or Page Owner, you had to be logged in through your personal profile in order to post to other Pages walls. When you posted, you were posting as your own personal profile. As someone who used Facebook when it first came out and was only for students with a validated collage email address, the idea of posting under my personal profile limited my desire to interact with other Pages. After all, I go to Facebook to socialize, not sell or solicit people through my companies Facebook page. The last thing I want to do is work where I play.

Benefits for your Business's Fan Page

So how will this new feature help businesses gain more from utilizing Facebook Pages? Well, first of all, businesses can post to each others Page walls, which can make their Page posts more popular. Ever notice how only a limited portion of your friends posts are displayed in your news feed? That's because Facebook limits what you see to only the friends who's profiles you visit or Pages that you interact with.  The more popular a post is with other people (ie: it generates a lot of comments), then the more impressions it receives in more people's newsfeeds. Being able to have your business's Page post interesting links or comments on other Pages walls can increase your own Pages traffic, interaction with fans, and in turn, it's popularity and impressions in your fan's news feeds.

Other New Features
First, if you haven't already, you will need to upgrade your Facebook Page to the new layout. After March of 2011, all the business Pages will be upgraded to the new layout regardless. Making this change early will notify all the page admins and allow you to start using the new features.

The new Facebook fan pages use the same layout as the new profile, with image thumbnails across  the top of the profile, displaying recently tagged images. This means that you need to have more than just your logo up there for people to see. Be sure to add pictures of your actual place of business, or if you are an online business add pics of your products.

Other new features include the ability to "use Facebook as (your page name)" and post on behalf of your page and not as your personal profile. You can also see your page links on the left hand side of the page.

How to Sign-In as Your Fan Page
If you are a Facebook page admin, you will see this once you login to Facebook and go to This will show you a list of all the pages you manage. You can click "Edit Page" to edit the existing page or click "Create Page" at the top right to create a new page. If you haven't managed any pages before, go to and click on "Create Page" in the top right hand corner.


Once you are on the page, click on the name of your page to view it. Then click on "Use Facebook as (your page name here)", you can see where this is located on your page in the first image above. This will allow you to comment and post things as your fanpage and not your profile.

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